Since June 2011 Prospects has helped 26,379 people in the South West through the Work Programme.


Your business

Prospects has helped more than 4,000 businesses across the South West to recruit new members of staff with more than 7 out of 10 recruits remaining in these jobs for more than three months.

Effective recruitment is vital for the success and productivity of your business. At Prospects we work with you as an employer to ensure the candidates are prepared so they seamlessly integrate into your business. Matching your needs to our customers’ skills ensures we are one of the most successful Work Programme and National Careers Services providers in the country.

Cost Effective Solutions

Recruiting new staff can be time-consuming and expensive, using Prospects will save you both. Prospects offer a free recruitment service, no candidate put forward by Prospects will incur any recruitment fees. Prospects can achieve these as all candidates are supported through the government’s Work Programme, Work Choice and National Careers Service or local authority initiatives.

Each recruiting employer is allocated a local account manager who works with your business to identify recruitment and skills needs. Your account manager will support the search and selection process including short listing and interview assistance. We can even provide an interview venue.

Prospects has an extensive candidate base. Working alongside your business your account manager will match and place the right candidate by gaining in-depth knowledge of your requirements, enabling you take your business forward. Your recruitment drives will be more time efficient and effective.

We offer work trials; a free negotiated trial period to ensure the candidate is right for your business. Your account manager can also work with you to establish longer work experience projects to benefit your business whilst our candidates gain valuable skills and experience.

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