Prospects help 72% of South West Work Programme customers to sustain employment.

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Work Programme

Prospects has supported someone into work every half hour, of every working week, since the Work Programme started in 2011, that’s more than 26,000 people who have got jobs with Prospects help. The Work Programme helps people who are long term unemployed move from welfare to work and then stay in employment.

Prospects has the best figures in the country for sustainment, which means the people we support into work stay in their jobs. This is because Prospects treats everyone as an individual. More than 4,000 employers have recruited an employee through Prospects.

Prospects launched ASCENT, the Work Programme delivery model, to help people overcome the obstacles they face when joining the workforce. Understanding for many people who have been unemployed for long periods getting a job is complicated, Prospects uses our experience to help jobseekers build their confidence and self esteem alongside their employability skills. We provide one to one mentoring and group sessions to help people develop their potential. When people leave Prospects to go into work they are work ready, confident and looking forward to their new lives.

Prospects is the prime provider for the Work Programme in the South West of England, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall and a subcontractor in Bristol and London.